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Author Topic: Battlefield 1 Server Rental?  (Read 8919 times)

Battlefield 1 Server Rental?
« on: October 04, 2016, 08:40:37 AM »


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We are only weeks away from release and there still is no Official Info regarding BF1 Server rentals.
Nothing about what Gameserver Hosting companies will be supporting the game, what kind of Admin control will be available, configuration options, pricing, NOTHING.

Since this is unprecedented from previous BF titles, there is much speculation - most of it negative.
Along the lines of no news = bad news.

This thread on the BF forums got out of control and locked for awhile, then reopened.
As of today, still no ACTUAL OFFICIAL News.

Too Long, Didn't Read?
I don't blame you. There's no real info in there, so why bother.
This snippet, although still only speculation, is probably the best thing in the whole thread.

I'm glad you asked. Here is what I believe will happen...and I have supporting evidence.
1. There will be servers you can rent
2. You will rent directly from EA. The servers will be hosted by Amazon, I3D, and Microsoft but you rent from EA.
3. You will have very little control. It is doubtful any type of rcon will be available. We know for a fact Procon won't work. The Procon staff have said so.
4. The servers will likely be VMs that can be spun up or shut down quickly which means reduced performance due to VM overhead
5. There will be no cost competition like we had for BF3 and BF4 servers. EA is monopolizing the servers so they can charge whatever they want.
6. The servers will likely be locked down with emphasis on play now match making. Except the configuration options to be limited. If you change too many settings your server may even become unranked.
7. No word on how to set admins for a server other than the server owner
8. No word on how kicking or banning will work (if you even can)
9. No word on anyway to run custom scripts or plugins. It is probably not possible. Especially since there probably won't be a rcon of any kind. It looks like all settings are on/off switches on a webpage.
10. No details have been released on if you can access the server directly in any way other than the simplified webpage interface that is limited to on / off switches.

Re: Battlefield 1 Server Rental?
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2016, 11:19:51 AM »


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Official News. General and simple. No info on Procon/Rcon tools for admins.
Oh boy.