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Author Topic: Server Rules  (Read 6037 times)

Server Rules
« on: June 15, 2013, 10:05:39 PM »


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Our BF2 Server Rules are:

Attacking players or vehicles inside Uncaps is not allowed, whether it be via Arty, Bombing, Vehicles firing into, or Sniping into the Uncap.
Please leave a reasonable perimeter allowing players to get out and engage.
Spec Ops players are allowed to enter Uncaps to blow assets, but must move along quickly.
A self defense kill or two is allowed, but anyone hanging out in an uncap making repeated kills is subject to swift warns and kicks.
Aircraft engaged in combat may chase enemy aircraft into uncap airspace, but should not go to the uncap looking for kills or attack anything on the ground.

Commanders are allowed during Vehicle Maps. If there are vehicles, Commanders are allowed.
Commanders are not allowed during Infantry Only Tuesdays.
Flying/fighting Commanders: No rule against this, however Commanders should anticipate a Mutiny Vote if found to be so engaged in the battles they are neglecting Commander tasks and player requests.
A Commander that is excessively idle may also be warned/kicked for disruptive gameplay.

An occasional ram is no big deal, however a player clearly out to ram repeatedly or excessively may be warned/kicked for disruptive gameplay.

Swearing and light taunting is allowed, but if it gets racist or excessively insulting, admins may warn or kick for disruptive chat upon their discretion. Auto-admin will warn and kick players if certain racist words are typed.

The server's Auto Admin is set to Auto-kick players who get 5 Punished TK's or -15 points.
Friendly Fire damage is ON (including claymores) for Infantry only Tuesdays and Saturdays, otherwise it is OFF.

Disruptive Gameplay
Any other disruptive gameplay such as excessive spawn camping, redlining, not allowing players to share vehicles, or general douchbaggery, will be up to the admins on server. This includes players being relentless Jet/Chopper/Tank whores that are only concerned with getting obscene amounts of kills, potentially ruining the fun and causing players to leave the server. Admins are instructed that it is better for the server to remove a player like this, then lose countless others to bullish tactics.

Teabagging is always allowed on the server, in fact it's kind of our thing!
If it bothers you, that's too bad. We are here to have fun playing a game, after all.

We would like players to be generally allowed to play how they want, as long as it does not infringe upon other players enjoying the game.

If you need an Admin, just ask, any of us would be glad to help in any way we can to keep the server fun.

Happy fraggin'!

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