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Bandwidth Exceeded - moved hosts


we outgrew our tiny little freebie hosting plan, obviously.

i moved us to a new host, and i think everything is in order, EXCEPT the chat box.

i will continue working on this, soon.

if you find anything other than the chatbox not working as it used to, please let me know, thanks. :headbang:

i am not having luck getting all modules working, like the chatbox. :(
i would refrain from posting, as this is on the new host site, and if i cannot get this going i may just revert back to the old host and pay more for extra bandwidth,

i have put hours into this in the last 2 days, and i just dont know how much more i can sacrifice. :banghead:


ok, then. chatbox is working, obviously.
thanks irv for the nice massage.

cookies not working right, and the subdomain url still need to get fixed...


lick my dao.


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