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Author Topic: Server Discussion/Population/Suggestions about 03/19/2016  (Read 2919 times)

Server Discussion/Population/Suggestions about 03/19/2016
« on: March 20, 2016, 07:12:18 AM »


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Hello everyone,

Last night was amazing! I hope you all enjoyed last night as much as I did!! Puffytron and I were gaming in random servers yesterday (mid-day/morning) when it was slow and no other TnT members were online. We played in a server that was about our size and it was full (15 vs 15). Cool people and we had some amazing rounds!!

I then started to type in the search list (friends list) to add people who were in my squad and team! Puffy said if I went to the actual server webpage on battle-log I can see everyone that was in-game at that point and time. This made it much easier to add everyone! Right clicked the name: Opened in new Tab: Friend request sent.

Next, I proceeded to send them a message saying how much fun we had gaming in (server name) and hope they would game with me in the future. I received positive feedback from everyone and after a few hours of adding the MAX (100) friends Battlelog will allow me to have. I told them about our TnT server, TeamSpeak3 and our website.

This may come to some as spamming; however, I did not get 1 ill or bad response and was not recruiting in other servers technically. After sending the requests, I would send a message to ALL in-game, "I had a great time gaming with all of you these past few rounds. EVERYONE check your Battlelog: I sent you a friend request".
One reply:
"you sent a request to all of us?"
"yes, and he then replied "I am adding you to my friends just because you did that haha"

We need to be proactive. Seeding our server is important and it takes me back to the BF2 days when we always had a full server! Lets keep this ball rolling and our attitudes positive. I know we can be successful and will be successful in this race! When BF5 comes out in November, we will continue to do what we do!!

Collectively, I spent 3 hours recruiting and was able to make some good contacts. People were asking questions about our server and how long we have been gaming together, etc. I then realized that I can not add anymore friends; therefore, I had to unfriend the ones who did not reply right away or did not join our server. Three people messaged me after unfriending them and said they understood why I did it and they still want to get in the server when it was full!! I had one person ask how they could donate to get white-listed.  :yikes:

I have people from Germany, Brazil and Australia in TS3 during the day yesterday and asking questions. We need to keep a positive attitude when all these new players are in our server and if something happens or needs to be discussed (switch channels, send a text, email, etc). Staying positive and keeping the server going is something that we will need to stay on top of because from now on, our server will be busy and I will continue my efforts in recruiting. Finally, before I went offline last night four people messaged me asking if I could make room for them to join our server. This gave me wet dreams all night because its something that I have wanted for TnT since the beginning.  :cheers:

Long post.. I know and I am sorry!!

Key points:

Positive attitudes in game at all times.  :cheers:
Lead by example, follow rules, switch teams if unbalanced, etc.
Heck, there was a Pubber' I invited in-game that suggested I move him in order to help out our team because were losing bad. Those are the type of pubbers/members we need! Weed out the bad, keep the good. Anyone agree?


When should we expand the server slots?
How many people can TS3 handle?
Do we need different channels in TS3 if more people join?
White-List? Any suggestions, if we get a larger server and are full most of the time?
People from Brazil, I had two in TS3 yesterday and they suggested we had a Portuguese and Spanish channel. They were polite and I was talking to them with my translator robot voice in Portuguese. They mentioned its something they haven't seen in American TS3 or Ventrillo's. They wanted a place to game as regulars but had no where to talk to each other without getting kicked because of the language barrier. In my opinion, we should cater to these people if they are nice and understand all rules, etc. They were brothers and said they had a following of 12 or more people. (which is great)!!
I know I wrote a lot above; however, I am pumped up and hope you all are too!  :arnold2:

Let me know your thoughts!

-Jeffeypoo   :jeffey: 
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Re: Server Discussion/Population/Suggestions about 03/19/2016
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2016, 09:05:48 AM »


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Amazing is exactly how i would describe last night!
You and Puffy's efforts clearly made a HUGE impact on population, so a HUGE thank you to you guys :headbang:
Having to wait to get in our server doesn't bother me one bit, because it shows that we are full, but it is something we will have to adjust to. I'd rather wait, then kick someone, since that may lead to them not wanting to return, but if it had to be done, a polite message is preset in Rcon letting them know why, and to please rejoin when they can. Lets test this today/tonight.
Aggressive Join is an available feature that auto kicks to make room for VIP. Something we might need to consider using if we run full consistently.

I am tempted to make server 32 slots immediately in case we run full again this weekend, we do have funds available to make this happen.

With that change, though, brings another variable.
Do we want to keep the maps on Conquest Small? (designed for max 32 players)
Or change them all to Conquest Large? (designed for min 32 players)
Need some input on that from the crew.

Positive attitude, absolutely. Last night seemed pretty smooth, with one unfortunate exception.

Teamspeak, I say make a channel for the foreign language folks, why not.
I have a task to complete that would allow us to give the TS info as an URL, instead of the IP.
Will update when I finish that.

Donation link can be copy pasted to anyone if needed, the link is above the chatbox or here:

Re: Server Discussion/Population/Suggestions about 03/19/2016
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2016, 12:33:22 PM »


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I think if you bump the server to 32 you should keep it on Conquest Small for now. If we still see the server is packed every night we could probably re-address, but I don't think 1 good night is a reason to jump the gun.

For clarification I agree with the 32 slot upgrade and the TS3 channels. The more the merrier. I'm looking forward to seeing if this trend will continue and I hope it does.
I also think we should do more recruiting on our server as well. That Seledon guy might have made a good addition  :P: but we should really advertise our TS and see if pubbers will join and we can talk to them.
I also wanted to suggest maybe a password protected or private room in TS for conversation you may want to have discreetly.

Just some of my thoughts.

Re: Server Discussion/Population/Suggestions about 03/19/2016
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2016, 01:12:46 PM »


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Yes, last night was awesome!! I did notice since we did have more people and were running full, I wasn't getting killed by the same person over and over, which was nice.
I also agree with mouse on not switching to the larger scale maps just yet. We should wait and see how maybe this week goes and go from there?
I believe I had about 6 people come into my squad throughout the night that were all new to our server, and I welcomed them, and they said they were happy to see a classic mode server running. That's what attracted them here, and they said they plan to play here from now on. And, I just wanna add, they were funny awesome guys.  :headbang:

Re: Server Discussion/Population/Suggestions about 03/19/2016
« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2016, 03:39:18 PM »


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Great ideas and input, everyone. :cheers:
and great to hear about the cool squadmates, too Mandy sue hoo! :headbang:

Of course it was just one great night, but damn it sure lifted my spirits! :jeffey:

TnT really is an awesome group and growing quite well as of lately, sorry I was a bit down and out for a bit there. :crazy: