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Author Topic: Battlerecorder files  (Read 2578 times)

Battlerecorder files
« on: January 11, 2014, 02:08:42 PM »


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BR files are now hosted on the website, as of 5-1-2014

If you suspect someone is hacking, this can be a very handy way to get evidence.

This just got alot easier, since now the files are stored on the same server as the website.
go here:
click, and download.

An example of where to put the files. If the folder "Demos" does not exist, make one.
C:\Users\Brandon\Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\Default\Demos\

BR file tips:
Battlerecorder tips and info:

You can use a program like Fraps ( to capture video or screenshots,
or of course if you find something good, let me know asap, and i will grab the same BR file and check it out.

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